The Assam Jatiya Bidyalay Education Council (AJBEC) is an apex academic body of the Jatiya Bidyalays of Assam. The AJBEC was formed in the year 1996. The main objectives of the AJBEC are–

  1. Planning, guiding and regulating the academic programmes of the Jatiya Bidyalays.
  2. Research, production and publication of text books of the Jatiya Bidyalays.
  3. Regular training programmes for the teachers of the Jatiya Bidyalays from across the state.
  4. Regular visit to such schools and academic monitoring.
  5. Holding of common Half yearly and Annual examination and preparation of common question papers for these schools.
  6. Regular representative meeting of all the schools twice in a year for discussion, review and planning on the academic and relevant issues.
  7. Holding regular scientific, literary and cultural meet of the students from these schools.
  8. Holding inter-school debate, quiz, literary, cultural and sports competition.
  9. Holding Talent search examination.

All such Jatiya Bidyalays are established independently with no financial involvement with AJBEC. They take an approval from AJBEC, and follow the academic guidelines from AJBEC.

So all these schools are under the umbrella of AJBEC following the same academic calendar, same syllabus, same text books, same examination system. For smooth functioning and achieving its objectives, there are three tier structures of the AJBEC. These are– Executive Council, Academic Council and General Council.